Years of experience are ours
assurance of quality service

Thanks to a professional team of engineers, we create the highest quality project solutions in the field of shipbuilding.





Behind us is more than 30 years of experience in the construction, ship conversion and repair of ships and navigable objects.

We’ve been operating as a company for more than 12 years, and what characterizes our business approach is a realistic view of market needs, studious access to the client's requirements, stimulation and engagement of the best professionals as well as daily participation in the realization of contracted jobs.


Whether it's newbuidling, ship conversion of existing vessels or repair of ships, we take care of all aspects of the above processes.

For the realization of projects we hire a professional team of engineers and experts who will meet all your requirements. In addition, we provide a complete guarantee of quality and agreed delivery date.

Our team redesigns and restores existing ships to new technical and functional requirements, according to your needs and desires.

Unpredictable and sometimes inevitable, malfunctions can cause great harm to the operation of shipowners. In such cases, our professional staff respond swiftly and with high quality tools and equipment to remove all types of faults, quickly and efficiently. 

In our workshops we make all the necessary equipment for ships: slenders, davits, boats, stairwells and more.

We offer technical inspection, valuation and mediation in the purchase and sale of vessels, marine equipment and machinery. 


O kvalitetu naših usluga i pristupu saradnji, najbolje govore brojni projekti,
which we’ve completed during the 12 years of our business existence.


• Repair of the "S-1" barge for Internship Bulgaria

• Repair of the pushing ship "Mon-ami" owned by The Danube Ladjar company from Belgrade

• Repair of the barge "72525" owned by The Danube Ladjar company in Belgrade

• Repair of barge "1046"

• Ship conversion of the floating excavator building in a floating facility for economic purposes owned by the company "Interbrod"


• Ship conversion and repair of tanker "Ladjar 1" for Ladjar KuPra

• Repair of motor push "Ladjar KuPra" for Ladjar KuPra

• Ship conversion and repair of the pushing ship "Ahil" for Internship Bulgaria.


* Continuous market monitoring in the area of newbuilding, ship conversion and repairing of existing ships and navigable facilities.

* Finding partners for building passenger ships based on our idea project "P&B".

* Connecting with investors interested in building a port and shipyard on the Danube River as a whole, which can meet the necessary capacities and regulations ( especially environmental) in the future and becompetitive on the market.

*Education of professional staff for shipbuilding purposes in a whole new and efficient way, which will motivate students for concrete work while at school and thus be much more competitive in the industry.


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