Our team of professionally trained workers, working with modern tools and equipment, achieve maximum quality and productivity

During the last two years we have achieved a significant increase in the field of production, which was one of our main goals. In this regard, we are completing one of our initial investments – the creation of a floating workshop with residential and commercial space, which will enable mobility and easy availabilityof any construction site by waterway.

What characterizes our business approach is a realistic view of market needs, studious access to the client's requirements, stimulation and engagement of the best professionals as well as daily participation in the realization of contracted jobs.


By continuously monitoring the market and educating professional staff, we are continuously perfecting methods for ship conversion of existing ships, developing new ships and navigable facilities, as well as ports and shipyards on the river, all that while meeting environmental regulations.

Our vision is to set standards for a more efficient and environmentally acceptable way of shipbuilding on the domestic market.


* Continuous market monitoring in the area of newbuilding, ship conversion and repairing of existing ships and navigable facilities.

* Finding partners for building passenger ships based on our idea project "P&B".

* Connecting with investors interested in building a port and shipyard on the Danube River as a whole, which can meet the necessary capacities and regulations ( especially environmental) in the future and becompetitive on the market.

*Education of professional staff for shipbuilding purposes in a whole new and efficient way, which will motivate students for concrete work while at school and thus be much more competitive in the industry.



• Anchor tugs (serving oil drilling platforms) for the USSR

• Self-walk for transport of fruits and vegetables (frigo ship) made 4 parts for the USSR

• Bai bars for scattered cargo

• Bargs for transport of oil derivatives

1988. - 2003.

Production of casco hulls - for IHC shipyards in the Netherlands:

• refuler excavators
• working boats
• tsaiker
• self-walk
• barzy

• Production of rivership LM 24 Luxe Motor

• Elaboration of a fully equipped work boat for IHC shipyards in the Netherlands


• tow trucks
• self-walk
• barzy
• smaller toads
• motor pushers
• motor tows

• Production of steel structures for the construction and processing industry according to the request of the purchase

• Handover in Regensburg (2000.)

• Sea passenger ship-motor sailboat Adriatic Sea – Croatia

• Motor yags for coastal sea navigation, delivered 2 kom. Adriatic Sea – Croatia

2003. - 2005.

Casco hulls: (for the Netherlands):

• pusher
• tsaiker
• self-walk
• barzy

Repair-ship conversion:

• tow trucks
• barzy
• navigable excavators
• self-walk
• motor pushers
• motor tows
• navigable elevators
• ships of the river war flotilla
• old steam-powered ships over spatulas
car "Petefi" from Hungary
• boats of various shapes and purposes

Production of ship equipment

• anchored swirls
• anchors
• thyme
• cargo lids
• davit, tis...

Elaboration of steel structures

• reservoir
• pipeline
• roof structures

2005. - 2008.

• Production of casco hulls of Tug weaker with high level of equipping 12 pieces for damen shipyards from the Netherlands


• Motor pusher "CSIKLI" from Hungary
• Motor pusher "MAMULA" is now called "MILAN" owner Branko Moravac
• Motor pusher "KUMROVEC" now "SEGESTA" Dunavski Lloyd from Siska - Croatia
• Navigable seaboard NS8502 on the quay in Novi Sad owned by "BRODOKOMERC"
• Pushers platforms on tow trucks owned by Dunavski Lloyd from Siska - Croatia


• toads
• pusher
• barzy
• tow trucks
• pontoon
• refuler excavators
• navigable elevators
• navigable restaurants
• residential boats
• navigal cranes
• riverboats and boats
• ships of river war

Production of steel structures:

• reservoir
• pipes of larger diameters
• planks
• parts of building structures
• parts of process industry equipment

2008 - Founding of Interbrod company